Why Us

Son Hospitality is a strategic consulting firm formed by three hospitality professionals with decades of practical experience in operations, marketing and revenue management strategies. As a small firm, you will have the time and attention of the principals, who are both big picture thinkers and hands on tacticians. We will work with your team to quickly identify potential for improved performance. Some of our key attributes are as follow:

  • We get it. We have all worked in both hotels and on a corporate level. We understand what is realistic and attainable.
  • Global reach. We have worked extensively in the United States, Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, Canada and the Middle East. We understand the cultural differences of employees and customers.
  • Complex deal structures. We have worked with owned, managed and franchised hotels. City properties, luxury resorts, casinos, condo hotels, spas, golf resorts, timeshares, full service, extended stay and limited service: we understand it all.
  • Creative strategic approach. Our experience at Sonesta Hotels, Independent Properties, and Luxury Resorts has taught us how to compete successfully with large brands to achieve results that surpass our competitors with smaller budgets and limited resources.
  • Customized Business Planning. We will seek to understand your business goals and customize our work to achieve your long-term success.
  • Passion. We love what we do and take pride in achieving positive results.