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What’s in a Name?

    Whether naming a person or a product the power of naming has been immortalized for centuries in the bible, through poetry and in rites of passage. Choosing the appropriate name is vitally important, nothing is used more than a name. Take my name for example, in Hebrew Jodi translates to bright, lively and social. Of course there was […]

Negotiating Is An Acquired Taste

  There is an art form to negotiating. When you think about it, we all do it every day whether with our kids, employee’s or in a sales situation. So how can you improve your negotiation skills and get to “yes?” At the beginning of any negotiation you must prepare. Recently during a real-estate transaction we ran into some complications […]

National Creativity Month

January is National Creativity Month I can’t help but wonder if creativity is valued in corporate America today?    After 10 years in a corporate marketing position, the company I worked for was bought out by a REIT. When the new team took over there were many changes in senior level directors as well as cultural changes. During one of my first […]