Creating New Market Segmentation for Banquet and Catering

The Assignment:

Create a total revenue management strategy that analyzed all revenue streams, with enhanced tools focused on banquet (includes rooms) and catering (social). This assignment was to create additional market segments to better understanding the contribution of food for beverage for each market segment and develop strategies to increase food and beverage profits.

Scope of Work:

  • Created six new market segments based on pricing, booking patterns, recurrence of event, social and business booking, type of event, with and without rooms
  • Re-mapped the last two years of bookings using the new market segmentation in Delphi (sales & catering system) for historical data, analysis and forecast base
  • Data extracted from Delphi for reporting and analysis of revenue streams. – Complete weekly forecast by market segments


  • Improved forecast accuracy by market segment and the overall banquet & catering forecast.
  • Increased average check by creating more tailored and unique menus for each market segment based on trends and customer preferences.
  • Pro-active selling with better knowledge of customer behaviors and trends. – Incremental banquet & catering revenue of 17% over 2 years post implementation.

Banquet and Catering Case Study